Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 DAYS BIIGGGGG SALE! RM 50 for 3 ;)

this is serious. i wanna get rid of most clothings of mine in short time, before i continue my final year studies in engineering. after that, the blog may temporarily shut down or may functions real slow. i have a final year project to mind, and very serious about it

but i still want most preloveds of mine be your next! treasure

the sale: RM50 for any 3!

the rule is simple :
  • first come, first serve basis!
  • you can mix anything according to your desire
  • you are entitled to get free postage for them all! YAY!
  • however, none of them are further negotiable
  • if you are interested on item(s) that is on reserved status, you are entitled to be in waiting list :) you still have the chance, who knows?

this is all really worth it as most of my clothings are branded :)

left to right:
sale 1: orange formal wear - available
sale 2: H & M lime green half cardi - available
sale 3: Baleno light pink tee - available
sale 4: black half cardi - available

left to right:
sale 5: light pink short sleeve half cardi - SOLD!
sale 6: Giordano light pink long tee - available
sale 7: Scarlet maroon long sleeve cardi - available
sale 8: thick material cream half cardi - available

left to right:
sale 9: blue basic top - SOLD!
sale 10: Seed pink tee - available
sale 11: Light pink turtle neck tee - available
sale 12: Padini Authentics yellow tee - available

left to right:
sale 13: light green polo tee - available
sale 14: Seed brown tee - available
sale 15: Maroon half length sweater - available
sale 16: Bontton nautical stripes long sleeve tee - available

please state the item code based on their number
eg: item to purchase: sale 5 and sale 12

thank you very much! :)

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